jesuits in china, part 2

In the 16th century, the first Jesuits arrived in China settling in the port-city of Macao in South China, at that time owned by Portugal. From this base, the Jesuits entered the Chinese hinterland and began their work of conversion, also initiating a long term collaboratioon with the Chinese, producing marvelous works of art and achieving important breakthroughs in science.

During their stay in China, the cultural exchange between Jesuits and Chinese would result in advances in astronomy and mathematics, beautiful works of art, and shining beacons of architecture.

Discover the stories and history of Jesuits in China in the second part of a blog authored by Julien Ménabréaz on Europeana website >>

image:  Imperial decree in which Emperor Kangxi inquires after four Jesuits he sent to Rome between 1706 and 1708, at the time of the Chinese Rites Controversy, 1716, CC-BY Leiden University Libraries via Europeana.

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