image Museovirasto Finnish Heritage Agency
LEAD PARTNERS: university of ljubljana & kik-irpa

digitization and curation

  • defining the semantic framework for the annotation of Europeana content that can be considered as related to Chinese cultural heritage
  • defining specifications and technical requirements for the creation and enrichment of the associated metadata
  • high quality digitization of minimum 10,000 new objects as particularly relevant for the representation of Chinese CH in Europe.

t3.1 Semantic background

EXPECTED OUTCOME: structured scientifical knowledge and guidelines on:

  • what can be considered as Chinese CH in Europe
    • Chinese vs. made in China: (dis)connection between materiality and cultural connotations
    • Europeans in China + Chinese in Europe
  • typology of “objects”: tangible, intangible, natural (esp. landscapes)
  • specifications for the metadata

DOWNLOAD PDF: Defining Chinese and China-related cultural heritage in Europe: a conceptual scheme

T3.2 Workshop on curation of Chinese CH in Europeana

This task organized a workshop on 9-10 July 2020, devoted to the curation of Chinese CH content.

The workshop targeted not only the project partners but also other content owners who have content related to Chinese CH in their collections and the Europeana ecosystem of aggregators.

It was also the occasion to review the specifications produced during task 3.1 and to provide feedback.


t3.3 Digitization and metadata creation

EXPECTED OUTCOME: new content digitized to be then offered for publication in Europeana, according to the requirements of Europeana Publishing Framework.

This task will produce a planning for the digitization activities in the project, based on the nature of the contents to be digitized and on the availability and capacity of the content provider, also including actions to monitor the quality of digitization.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Summary for EPF Tier 4 and Tier C