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communication, dissemination


  • Raise awareness on the value of Europeana to establish cultural bridges between Europe and China

  • Encourage European CHIs to provide new contents; and engage users

t5.1 communication and dissemination plan

  • Editorials and Blogs on
  • Participation in Europeana Network Association meetings and Aggregators Forum, GS projects meetings
  • Final conference as an online event >>> go to page
  • Dissemination materials

T5.2 engage users

t5.3 liaison with china

  • Remote meetings and conference calls with Chinese associate partners
  • Webinars to promote Europeana in China
  • Invitation of Chinese interested parties to PAGODE workshops and Final Conference in Brussels

This task is led by POSTSCRIPTUM

t5.4 sustainability

  • Exchange lessons learnt and best practices with the other Europeana accredited aggregators
  • Plan for the maintenance of the communication outputs, and identification of sustainability options
  • Investigate about the impact on creative and cultural industry, research, tourism, education; establish dialogue with stakeholders

This task is led by PHOTOCONSORTIUM