The Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) is responsible for a wide variety of policies for economic development and cohesion. The Ministry promotes research and industrial technological innovation and technological transfer. It is responsible for industrial policies in key sectors for the economic development, ranging from the design and implementation of internationalisation policies, SME policies and business incentives, to energy and mineral resources management, the development of telecommunications infrastructure and of information and communication technology (ICT) smart services and applications.

Website: http://www.mise.gov.it/

Promoter Srl is an SME based in region of Pisa. It brings together competencies and experiences in the areas of information and communication technologies, multimedia innovation, business promotion and project management. Promoter operates in several fields, including technical development of ICT platforms and web-design, multimedia production, dissemination/marketing strategy, electronic and web publishing, corporate consulting, dedicated online services for the promotion of culture and tourism. Prestigious Culture and Research Institutes as well as private enterprises in Europe and worldwide have engaged Promoter as technical coordinator and consultant to assist their projects to improve innovation. Promoter features solid and longstanding experience in the management of EU projects, with particular regard to networking and communication activities, having been involved in many initiatives since the early 1990s. In 2011, Promoter launched digitalmeetsculture.net, the platform addressed both to professionals and general public: to members of the arts and cultural heritage sectors interested in digitisation processes and digital technologies (e.g. museums and libraries managers, curators, digital archivists), those interested in the creative uses of the digital art (e.g. artists, photographers, performers, art critics, arts researchers), members of the educational sector (e.g. teachers, students, vocational trainers) and also general users wishing to be informed and up-to-date on these matters. Digitalmeetsculture.net is an online magazine that provides information, resources and articles about the encounter of digital technologies with the cultural heritage and the arts.

Website: https://www.promoter.it/

Established in 1948, the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) is one of ten scientific institutions falling within the competence of the Federal Ministry of Scientific Policy. KIK-IRPA is committed to the inventory, the scientific study, the conservation and the promotion of the country’s artistic and cultural property. The Institute, whose chief mission is research and public service, represents a unique instrument for the heritage of our country, both movable and immovable. Three departments group art historians, photographers, chemists, physicists and conservator-restorers. By comparing their observations, they gather reference material and study works of art from different points of view: their composition, evolution, ageing of materials and how to treat them. Any restoration treatment will be based on this detailed pre-study. Our specialists advise researchers and curators of both public and private collections. An impressive Information Centre is open to the public. It comprises a photo library containing over one million photos, 750 000 of which are accessible online, and a library specialised in art history offering over 50 000 works and around 1500 periodicals. Furthermore, the publications, the photo inventory and the organization of courses, conferences and seminars reflect the role KIK-IRPA plays in the promotion of heritage and the diffusion of tools for researchers and the public. The Institute groups laboratories, conservation-restoration workshops, photographic workshops, a photo library and a library in a single building. The building was designed in such a way as to join together very different work units and obtain an interdisciplinary approach to works of art.

Website: http://www.kikirpa.be

The University of Ljubljana (UL) was founded in 1919 and currently integrates 23 faculties and three arts academies. Ever since its foundation, the UL has been the largest and highest quality Slovenian scientific and research organization – always recognized by the international scientific community. Its research and artistic activities are carried out at faculties and academies covering all research and artistic fields. The main goal of the study and research programs of the Department of Asian Studies is the systematic multidisciplinary approach to the cultures and language of Asia (especially East Asia), which enables a critical understanding of the main cultural determinants of the regions under consideration in their social context. Since the establishment, the Department of Asian Studies has gained high international reputation through its numerous research and academic activities.

Website and PAGODE page: https://as.ff.uni-lj.si/raziskovanje/raziskovalni-projekti/pagode

PostScriptum is specialized in the consultancy and deployment of software services related to Digital Heritage, including Collection Management Systems as well as web presence and new channels of communication for Museums and other organisations in the sector of culture. PostScriptum participates as a Partner in Europeana and other digital heritage EU Programmes and has acquired hands-on experience from European-wide content integration and aggregation activities, with a focus on the Europeana cluster of projects. PostScriptum represents zetcom’s MuseumPlus (a collection management system designed to meet the multi-faceted tasks required for managing museums, collections, cultural institutions and the related knowledge representations) for the Balkans, Turkey and Cyprus thus establishing strong ties to many important South East European Museums. The experiences PostScriptum has acquired through the years of working with and technically supporting Cultural Heritage organisations, as well as the hands-on technological know-how of the Europeana related technologies, can significantly contribute to the project bottom line through the participation in the designated project tasks.

Website: http://www.postscriptum.gr/en/

United Archives GmbH is a photographic archive based in Cologne. Many years of cooperation with press and picture agencies and the latest knowledge of photo technology is the basis of the experience and give the directive for the digitization of our archives. United Archives focus on the digitization of image archives that we have acquired with all rights. We choose out of an estimated 25 million picture templates daily and have created about 400,000 files since 2012, what is the equivalent of an investment of nearly 1 million eur in direct costs since then. We have largely entrusted the distribution to the users of our photos, especially publishing houses, to major national and international sales partners. We are also a member of the Federal Association of professional image providers.

Website: https://united-archives.de/

PHOTOCONSORTIUM is a non for profit association whose purpose is the promotion and enhancement of the culture of photography and photographic heritage. It promotes and organizes conferences, exhibitions, events and training courses. PHOTOCONSORTIUM is Europeana’s accredited domain aggregator specialized in photographic content, and since 2014 has made accessible in Europeana over 500,000 photographs from all over Europe, showcasing famous heritage collections from prestigious public institutions and private agencies, and also unveiling hitherto unknown photographic content from crowdsourcing campaigns, private collectors and smaller local archives.

Website: http://www.photoconsortium.net/