pagode festival: chinese influences, “western” fashion

PAGODE Digital Festival is proud to present an online talk and presentation in collaboration with European Fashion Heritage Association. The talk presented material memories of fashion, furniture and craftsmanship to demonstrate how motifs and objects from China took over the West, elegantly influencing its tastes and production.

Presented by Marta Franceschini (European Fashion Heritage Association).

Marta Franceschini is a PhD candidate in Design Sciences at the Iuav University of Venice. She holds an MA in History of Design at the Royal College of Art, collaborates with EFHA-European Fashion Heritage Association, and is a research assistant at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

Hosted on Zoom by the University of Ljubljana.

Date and time: Friday 3rd September 2021 h. 15 CEST

Organized in collaboration with European Fashion Heritage Association

Image: Fan, CC-BY Victoria and Albert Museum via Europeana. Folding fan, leaf of vellum painted in watercolours with carved mother-of-pearl sticks, leaf design after Jean-Baptiste Pillement, France, 1760-70. Fan leaf of vellum painted in watercolours. Three vignettes make up the design, showing Chinese fishermen, Chinese children playing on a see-saw, and Chinese children making music. Each scene is set in a landscape framed by delicate rococo scrolls. The reverse is painted with a spray of pink flowers outlined with gilt. The sticks are of carved and pierced mother-of-pearl showing Chinoiserie scenes, inlaid with gilt and silver foil. The sticks that support the leaf are made from wood laminated on to the mother-of-pearl sticks. Pin of white paste.  Painted in watercolour on vellum, with carved mother-of-pearl sticks and guards, decorated with gilt and silver foil.


PAGODE – Europeana China is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility Programme of the European Union, under GA n. INEA/CEF/ICT/A2019/1931839