yin and yang

img.: Illustration titled ‘Peace through anarchy’ depicts the balance of inflammation in blood vessels. Three states; anarchy (Circle-A symbol; left), balance (yin-yang; centre) and peace (CND symbol; right) are shown, each essential for the health and wellbeing of our blood vessels.; Neil Dufton, Wellcome collection CC-BY via Europeana .

Flows of people, objects and knowledge went back and forth between Europe and China across centuries, and are witnessed by a wealth of China-related cultural heritage preserved in European Institutions.
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Today’s gallery is about “Yin and Yang“.

The idea of opposite forces complementing each other is at the core of many belief systems. The Ancient Chinese concept of yin & yang is often represented by black & white ‘taijitu’, but also by broken and solid lines sometimes combined into trigrams.

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